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NCM’s Reproductive Rights Affidavit

The National Center For Men announces distribution of its Reproductive Rights Affidavit, proposed by NCM to be filed in court by a man and designed to give men legal rights in matters of procreation. We think it will encourage men and women to make family planning decisions together, as equal partners, by giving a man a voice but without interfering with a woman’s right to choose.

It is not yet an official legal document but it may be submitted to a court having jurisdiction over family matters as a symbolic protest against unfair and unjust paternity laws which deny men equal reproductive choice.

You can receive e-mailed copies of the Reproductuve Rights Affidavit and our Consensual Sex Contract through the Donations Page of this website.

Your donations will be used to advance “equal choice” litigation and publicity. Small donations add up. They will give us the resources we must have to prevail in courts of law and in the court of public opinion. Donations made now will also be put toward the production and promotion of our documentary film about men’s reproductive rights.

Thank you for supporting our efforts.