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Donations to NCM

Assuring that our work moves forward

Gifts are available for our supporters

Please note: We have ended mail delivery of DVD’s and NCM Documents. We now make them available to our donors through online links or e-mail.

If you donate $25, you will receive as thank-you gifts the following NCM Documents: our infamous Consensual Sex Contract and our Reproductive Rights Affidavit that was a companion piece to Roe vs. Wade for Men. If you donate $50 we will add our informative position paper, “Four Things You Should Know About Parental Alienation.”

For a donation of $75 you will receive all the NCM Documents and either our compilation of our work on television talk shows through the years or our DVD of “Roe vs. Wade for Men” clips. The compilation DVD covers thirty years of NCM advocacy while the “Roe for Men” DVD focuses on our highly visible campaign for equal reproductive choice for men. When you make your donation you will be asked to select either the “vintage” DVD or the “Roe for Men” DVD.

Please take this opportunity to support our work for equal rights…
We rely on your contributions for our survival, so please help us if you can with a tax-deductible donation. Thank you.
If you donate $100 you will receive the NCM Documents and links to both DVD’s.

The full amount of your contribution is tax-deductible even if you receive thank-you gifts from us in return… We will keep your name and address confidential. We never disclose personal information about our contributors.

If you donate more than $250 in one year, you may direct that a portion of that donation be used to help low income individuals receive NCM counseling… Your thoughtfulness will make it possible for more people to receive our help.

Your support of our work is needed…

  • It will be appreciated. There would be no NCM without your gifts to us.
  • It will be used wisely. We have already accomplished a lot with a little.
  • It will really count, here. We receive no government grants. Your donation can have a large impact.
  • Together we will make a difference. We are fighting for fairness. We will not be denied.
Thank You. Your generosity will help us to do more on behalf of men’s equal rights.

Donations $5 – 10 – 15

Small donations add up. Thank you.

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Donations $25 -35

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Donations $50

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Donations $75

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Donations $100 – 125

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Donations $150 – $200 – 250

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Donations larger than $250.00

Thank you. You will be able to enter your contribution on the next page.
Please tell us if you want to help fund NCM counseling for low income clients.

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