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Bumper Stickers for Fathers’ Rights Advocates

Fathers’ rights advocacy complements the movement for men’s reproductive choice.

The National Center For Men affiliate chapter in Portland, Oregon has concentrated its efforts on behalf of fathers’ equal rights. The chapter has produced a bold and colorful KIDS NEED BOTH PARENTS bumper sticker. Displaying this sticker on your vehicle or elsewhere is an excellent way for you to champion the cause of fathers’ and children’s rights after divorce. You will affirm the reproductive choice made by some men to be active and involved fathers.

Your message will be seen by many people who will understand it. It might seem that putting a sticker on a car won’t change the world but every form of activism is important.

You can order bumper stickers directly from this page, below. The cost is $9.00(US) for one bumper sticker, $13.00 for two or $16.00 for three. We will mail them to addresses in the United States and Canada. Shipping costs are included. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Please be sure to include your mailing address with your PayPal payment or by sending it to us at info@nationalcenterformen.org.

NCM Bumper Stickers

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