Mel Feit: "He has a right to know what she knows."

Links to NCM media interviews

COMING SOON: Reuters TV covers NCM discussion group on gender politics AND a TV Asia talk show with NCM on men and employment.

Transcript of CNN interview about reproductive fraud and the definition of fatherhood Discussion with Dr. Drew Pinsky and panel New!
(Scroll down to the middle of the CNN page for the text.)
How important should DNA be in the legal definition of fatherhood?
A look at judicial hypocrisy and double standards.

A Video Excerpt of the CNN Interview from our office in New York

Discussion about men's rights on the Michael Blum Show.

NCM is first to comment on Nick Olivas child support case in Arizona Republic

NCM joins the Jill Abramson controversy in the NY Post and Gawker

The Atlantic covers Mel's 25 years with The National Center For Men.
reunion of the founding members

Elle Magazine covers men's reproductive rights and NCM's "Roe vs. Wade for Men."

General debate about men's issues and the men's movement in New York City.
Mel Feit vs. Jason Stanford.
About one hour. A hostile moderator. A hostile audience. Edited. What else is new?