Articles by NCM Activists

Welcome to a new feature of the NCM website. Here, you will find links to recently written articles by NCM activists.

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Mothers in the Men's Rights Movement new!

by Caitlin P. Stein

Dr. Caitlin P. Stein, DPA graduated with her Doctorate in Public Administration in 2017 and supervises the legal team with a locally owned finance company. She is a mother of two boys, happily married, and a freelance writer in between.

Vietnam: A Personal Story
by Anthony Nazzaro
a memoir about war written by a men's rights activist

Anthony Nazzaro is the creator and executive producer of MensNet.
He has also served as the deputy director of the National Center For Men.

Articles about fathers' rights by Mel Feit:

Divorced Dads and Support Groups
why support groups work and the important lesson they have to teach us about coping with divorce...
The lesson that comes out of the support group is probably not what you think it is.

Divorce Strategy 101
The most critical component of a successful divorce is also the one thing many men struggle with the most.