Men's Advocacy-Counseling : How We Can Help You

The National Center For Men operates an affordable, nationwide telephone counseling service staffed by caring and knowledgeable counselors with an informed, male-positive perspective.

Our counseling service is unique, to say the least.

Many of our clients have told us that, before they called us, they had tried unsuccessfully to get help in their local communities. All to often, though, the professionals to whom they turned for help were unsympathetic or even hostile, usually lacking a basic understanding of the special concerns of men. But when our clients spoke to NCM counselors, they were speaking to experts with an immediate awareness of men's problems.

That is what makes NCM's advocacy-counseling unique and that is why we are proud of it. When you call us you will be assured of speaking to someone with insight into men's issues, insight that can come only from many years of experience in the men's movement. It is an understanding that other counselors, however well-intentioned, mostly miss. Even counselors at other men's groups often perpetuate negative myths and stereotypes about how men lack the emotional and social skills possessed by women. You won't find that approach at NCM.

We have helped many of our clients find practical solutions to problems arising from difficult divorce, family violence, employment discrimination or forced fatherhood. Other men have explored issues more generally with us, talking about relationships with women, for example, or their concerns over male gender role restrictions. Some of our clients have been helped after only one or two sessions while others have benefited enormously by receiving ongoing support.

The assistance we offer to you is practical as well as supportive. Our goal will be to help you become smarter, stronger and more focused, more creative and determined, and with a greater understanding of how to resolve your problems. After every session with an NCM counselor, you should have a clear, strategic plan in your mind, a greater awareness and the security of knowing that you can always come back to us for more help, whenever you need it.

Sometimes, when necessary, we refer our clients to lawyers we trust, but our counseling should never be seen as a substitute for lawyering or psychotherapy. The service we provide, men's advocacy counseling, is highly specialized. And, while advocacy and counseling are definitely not the same things, it is our advocacy that has prepared us to be good counselors. It is our advocacy that has made us passionate and highly-motivated counselors, and it is our advocacy and unique experience which will enable us to successfully help you where others may have failed.

When you first retain us, you will be invited to send us a narrative description and/or documents pertaining to your situation. (You can, of course, choose to send us nothing in writing.) We will study whatever material you decide to send and then call you within a few days to schedule a two-hour telephone consultation at your convenience. NCM will pay for the two-hour call. You will be entitled to one additional consultation as part of your initial retainer and you can schedule further consultations, as needed. Please refer to our enrollment page for the current fee schedule.

Our experience has made it possible for us to get outstanding results for many of our clients but we do not possess magic bullets. Please keep this in mind if you choose to retain us: If you come to us with complicated problems, it is unlikely that we will be able to offer you simple solutions. We will, however, be able to help you find the best possible solutions to your problems and we will always provide you with the highest level of personalized, committed care.

We will help you in ways that other professionals can not...