NCM on "Dr. Phil"

The National Center For Men has enjoyed an excellent relationship with the producers of the Dr. Phil Show. They have given us opportunities to raise important issues to their large television audience and they have developed our ideas thoughtfully. Dr. Phil McGraw has treated NCM clients on his show with respect and he has kept the discussions dignified and smart.

Here is a summary of our work on this major television program:

Dr. Phil with Mel Feit, analyzing the pros and cons of "putative father registries."

A.) Putative Father Registries

An Oregon man was powerless to prevent his biological child from being adopted away from him because he hadn't signed the state's "putative father registry."

Mel Feit went on the "Dr. Phil" show to point out the clear double standard: Had the biological mother in this case wanted this man to pay child support, the Oregon Court would have ordered him to pay and no one would have said a word about any registry. Putative Father Registries, which exist in about 25 states, are simply obstacles put in the way of biological fathers who want to assert parental rights. The objective of these registries is to assure that women have unfettered reproductive choice.

B.) Custody Chaos

Mel was back on the set of "Dr. Phil," offering commentary on a nasty custody case in which ex-spouses had difficulty putting personal animosity aside for the sake of their children. Mel said that a custodial parent had a legal and moral obligation to facilitate the children's contact with the non-custodial parent. Failure to do so, he argued, was grounds to lose custody and could also put children at risk of becoming alienated from the non-custodial parent, usually the father.

Phil McGraw seemed to agree with Mel that parental alienation might be considered child abuse. Mel also maintained that there was a clear double standard in enforcement of family court decisions, with dads sometimes being thrown in prison while moms often disobeyed court orders without consequence.

Dianne Jahr, Matt Dubay's mother, debates attorney Gloria Allred on the set of the "Dr. Phil" show.

C.) Men's Reproductive Rights Revisited

The "Dr. Phil" show aired a follow-up to a show we previously did for them on men's reproductive choice.

Matt Dubay, the courageous plaintiff of "Roe vs. Wade For Men," was featured on the show. Nicole and Noel Erdmier, (NCM clients forced into parenthood), Dianne Jahr (Matt Dubay's mom) and Mel Feit were also on the panel.

The times are changing. Phil McGraw and his large audience are beginning to understand. Our hard work is starting to pay off...

D.) Fathers and Child Support: Are Men Being Forced into Delinquency?

"Dr. Phil" aired a program about child support which examined whether the law treats men fairly. Mel Feit debated Lis Wiehl, lawyer and FOX News commentator. The debate focused on the government's role in forcing otherwise responsible men into becoming delinquent in their child support obligations.

For a more detailed look at the stories on the show and NCM's perspective on these stories, please click here.

E.) Parental Alienation Syndrome

"Dr. Phil" aired a program devoted to the subject of Parental Alienation Syndrome. NCM director, Mel Feit, participated in a panel discussion which included a debate about whether parental alienation syndrome really exists.

For a more detailed analysis of parental alienation syndrome, please click here.

Mel Feit is Peter Foy's advocate on "Dr. Phil."
Peter Foy

F.) Custody Heartbreak

After Peter Foy's wife passed away, his sister-in-law sought custody of Peter's six-year-old daughter, making accusations against Peter in her court papers. The court issued a "temporary" restraining order against Peter but the court-ordered separation has now resulted in a somewhat strained relationship between father and daughter.

Will the alienation, abetted by the court, be grounds to remove Peter from his daughter? Mel Feit debated the attorney for Peter's sister-in-law on the "Dr. Phil" stage .

Comments on the "Dr. Phil" message boards, posted after the show, were overwhelmingly in support of Peter Foy but, unfortunately, the trial judge didn't share the public's opinion and Peter lost his case.

We look forward to reading your comments about this shows and all of our other shows... Please contact us if you want your story told on "Dr. Phil."

NCM continues to be the most visible men's rights organization in mainstream media.