MensNet welcomes controversy

MensNet welcomes controversy
(From L to R): Jeremy Proctor, Laurie Evans and Paula Young reviewing notes on the set of "MensNet" prior to the taping of Circumcision: Assault on Male Sexuality.

"MensNet" Television

MensNet is taped in Westchester County, New York. If you live in the New York City area and want to attend a taping or assist in the production, please call the NCM office at 631-476-2115.

NCM produces programs for MensNet, a New York cable TV talk show devoted to men's issues. On the set of MensNet we have discussed ideas about gender you won't see in the mainstream media.

The goal of MensNet is to embrace controversy with dignity. We seek to entertain our audience with provocative words and ideas. We respect our guests and want them to have a pleasant and productive experience. We encourage debate as long as it remains focused on the issues and doesn't include personal attack. Within the limits of a half-hour, we give our guests the time to express complicated analysis and opinion.

MensNet is the only television show in the United States which focuses on men's issues!

Here is some of what we have done:

  • -- "Censorship on Campus: A Conversation with John Leo," former columnist at U.S. News and World Report.
    We talked with Mr. Leo about the origins of political correctness and intolerance in academia.
  • -- "The Aptitude Gender Gap" explored whether the apparent intellectual differences between the sexes are the result of culture or biology.
  • -- "The Great Pre-Nup Debate" looked at the pros and cons of pre-nuptial agreements.
  • -- "Communicating Intimately" examined the barriers to intimate communication between men and women.
  • -- "The Sexual Politics of Divorce" investigated the obvious gender bias in the family courts.
  • -- "The Vagina Dialogues" was a spirited discussion and debate about the play "The Vagina Monologues" and female sexual power.
  • -- "Combating Discrimination Against Men" with noted men's rights attorney, Roy Den Hollander, explored strategies for fighting back.

MensNet TV reaches the NY metro area

MensNet TV reaches the NY metro area
In the Control Room (From L to R): Anthony Nazzaro, executive producer, and Carmelo Rigaglia, director, calling the shots on "MensNet."

MensNet gets the best experts

MensNet gets the best experts
On the Set of "MensNet" (From L to R): Steve Metzger, John Leo and Mel Feit discuss political correctness in the media and on college campuses.

MensNet informs

MensNet informs
Dr. Amy Baker, PAS expert and author, on "MensNet."

Featured episodes of MensNet, posted to YouTube:

A.) The Vagina Dialogues (a lively debate about sexual power)


1.) Ms. Paula Young, an actress who has performed on three separate occasions in "The Vagina Monologues," a play by Eve Ensler. Ms. Young is a frequent contributor to MensNet.

2.) Ms. Tanya Cooper, talk show host who believes "The Vagina Monologues" raises important issues of concern to women, especially in the area of sexual violence.

3. Mr. Anthony Nazzaro, executive producer of MensNet. Mr. Nazzaro believes Eve Ensler's play is demeaning to men and male sexuality.

This show featured a debate about the play "The Vagina Monologues," sexual power, sexual symbolism and free speech. We asked the question, "Is the play feminist propaganda or art?" We also examined double standards regarding the public display of sexuality. Paula Young and Tanya Cooper take on Mel Feit, MensNet host, and Tony Nazzaro.

"MensNet" TV Show, The Vagina Dialogues Part 1
"MensNet" TV Show, The Vagina Dialogues Part 2
"MensNet" TV Show, The Vagina Dialogues Part 3

B.) Understanding Female Sexual Desire


1.) Shannon Bertha, ACS, DHS. Dr. Bertha is a sexuality counselor. She has a doctorate degree and master's degree in human sexuality. She is a professor of human sexuality at Kean University and Middlesex County College in New Jersey. She is on the staff of The Medical Center for Female Sexuality in New York. On her website she says, "I believe in a full range of sexual expression and encourage my clients to find what is most pleasurable to them and embrace that."

2.) David Behar, MFT. Mr. Behar is a therapist with expertise in marriage and family counseling. He is one of the few therapists in the United States who specializes in men's issues and men's concerns. On his website he says, "Men's culture values independence and freedom to a much greater degree than women's culture. Men are much more likely to feel devoured by intimacy. My work helps men address issues around sexuality and monogamy."

3.) Paula Young. Ms. Young is a frequent contributor to MensNet.

The show focused on a recent article in The New York Times which suggested that women's sexual desire is dominated by the yearnings of self-love and is narcissistic. The Times quoted Dr. Marta Meana, "In comparison with men, women's erotic fantasies center less on giving pleasure and more on getting it."

What drives female desire and male desire? How are they similar or different? Which sex puts more importance on relationship and emotional intimacy? What exactly do men and women want and need from each other?

"MensNet" TV Show, Understanding Female Sexual Desire Part 1
Understanding Female Sexual Desire Part 2
Understanding Female Sexual Desire Part 3

C.) Parental Alienation Revisited


1.) Amy Baker, Ph.D. Dr. Baker is the author of the new book Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome: Breaking the Ties that Bind.
Dr. Baker is a psychologist with expertise in developmental psychology and parental alienation syndrome.

2.) Richard Smulczeski, lieutenant in the New York City Fire Department.
Lieutenant Smulczeski was severely alienated from his two teenage daughters and fought a legal battle for custody.

3.) Jacqueline Harounian, partner in the law firm, Wissselman, Harounian and Associates.
Ms. Harounian recently led a seminar for mental health professionals on the subject of parental alienation.

The show focused on understanding parental alienation: what it is, why it occurs and what to do about it. We asked the experts questions about legal strategies to get court orders enforced and psychological strategies for fathers who want to rebuild relationships with their children.

"MensNet" TV Show on Parental Alienation Syndrome -- Part 1
"MensNet" TV Show on Parental Alienation Syndrome -- Part 2
"MensNet" TV Show on Parental Alienation Syndrome -- Part 3

D.) Circumcision: Assault on Male Sexuality


1.) Laurie Evans, M.A. Ms. Evans is director of the NY Hudson Valley chapter of NOCIRC, a national organization of health care professionals devoted to educating the public about the harm done by circumcision.

2.) Jeremy Proctor, author and activist. Mr. Proctor has expertise in the cultural and historical background relating to circumcision.

3.) Paula Young, frequent contributor to MensNet who believes that circumcision is harmful to men. Ms. Young thinks that male circumcision is an unnecessary attack on male sexual integrity, similar to female circumcision, which would never be tolerated in this culture.

The show focused on the harm done by routine infant circumcision, especially the eventual loss of sexual sensitivity and pleasure for adult men. We attempted to understand why circumcision is done and whether it represents an actual and symbolic assault on male sexuality.

"MensNet" TV Show, Assault on Male Sexuality Part 1
"MensNet" TV Show, Assault on Male Sexuality Part 2
"MensNet" TV Show, Assault on Male Sexuality Part 3